Career Advancement Initiatives

One of BMC’s missions is to help underrepresented filmmakers get hired. For our advanced fellows, we help open doors to those who can hire them. For our new filmmakers, we provide a foundation to help set them on the right path to a fruitful career.

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Member Spotlight

Tapping Into Your Post-Production Skills to Direct Better

by Patrice D. Bowman

Before I wrote a word in the script for my latest short film, Under the Sun After the Wind, a single, vivid image burned in my mind…

How To Shoot A Western

by Carolina Alvarez & Tessa Markle

First, let us introduce ourselves. We are Carolina Alvarez and Tessa Markle, the co-founders and operators of Femme Regard Productions, a film production company centered around telling stories from the female perspective while giving more opportunities to women in front of and behind the camera…

Bringing a Storybook World to Life on an Indie Budget

By Reuben Guberek

One of the craziest things about filmmaking is the leap of faith you take when starting a project without knowing yet how you’re going to solve all the challenges. It’s both thrilling and nerve wracking to commit yourself to an ambitious production, crowdfund the money, and then know there’s no going back.

Some happy moments from past events.

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