April 24, 2020

The Blackmagic Collective announced today the Filmmaker Series of webinars, titled From Prep Through Post, with the first Chapter, Forming a Production Company scheduled for May 7th at 1:00pm on Zoom. The concept of the series is to provide insight from professionals through many steps of filmmaking, from pre-production, prepping a script, working with department heads and casting. The series is intended as a Q&A format “How To” to aid attendees with practical knowledge in various areas of entertainment.

From the Collective website:

“We love hearing from experts in various fields of filmmaking because it makes us better at our craft. But what we all need these days is practical advice on how to super charge our careers into the true creative outlet we’ve always strived for, while making a living doing it. The Blackmagic Collective Filmmaker Series is designed to provide down to earth guidance for filmmakers of all backgrounds and experience. Professionals will join us each month to share their expertise to help you expand your creative talents, level up your resources for income, and deep dive into the craft of filmmaking. Over the coming months, via Zoom Webinars, we’ll host true experts in independent filmmaking and production, who can not only outline how to approach each segment of the business, but also with ample time allowed for you to ask questions and get real answers. 

Join us for this insightful and useful guide to expanding your current filmmaking business.”

Registration for the first event on May 7th is currently open. Follow this link to learn more: Filmmaker Series