July 24, 2020

The Blackmagic Collective announced today the fourth installment of the Filmmaker Series of webinars, titled Prepping For Set, will take place on August 6th at 1:00pm. Chapter four will focus on getting ready to shoot your project.   

The concept of the series is to provide insight from professionals through many steps of filmmaking, from pre-production, prepping a script, working with department heads and casting. The series is intended as a Q&A format “How To” to aid attendees with practical knowledge in various areas of entertainment.

From the Collective website:

“So far in our Filmmaker Series we’ve set up our company, figured out how to pitch our projects and found out what makes a good screenplay. But the day will come when you need to put your crew together and shoot the film. But where do you start?

This month we will talk about how to start putting together your team, what to look for in department heads, the basics of what you need no matter what your budget is, and how to prep with your team to prepare for your shoot. Setting up your team is the most important step in a successful production. and With the right crew, and the right preparation, you can do amazing things with little money! But have the wrong crew and don’t spend time getting ready and nothing can save you!”

Registration for the third event on July 9th is currently open. Follow this link to learn more: Filmmaker Series