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Member Spotlight

Becoming a Filmmaker at 55

by Mark Hensley

I am a re-recording mixer by trade. I’ve been doing that for over 25 years, and have received three Cinema Award Society Nominations, three Emmy Nominations and an Emmy Award for mixing “Genius: Picasso.” Being a filmmaker/director/producer was…

Acting: Dancing Your Way to Your Character

By Kit DeZolt

There’s nothing new about dance and physical theater as a way to create a character, as it stems back to Shakespeare’s time, if not further. However, as a dancer, actor and improviser, here’s a few ways on how I utilized dance to create my characters…

Disabled But Able

by Nadar Bahu

My name is Nader Bahu. I have a one-of-a-kind disability that speaks to the incessant challenges disabled people face. Yet I have also had some remarkable victories, and my story is one which your readers should know.

My story is a special one because I have experienced a lot of self doubts due to losing my abilities over time…

Career Advancement Initiatives

One of BMC’s missions is to help underrepresented filmmakers get hired. For our advanced fellows, we help open doors to those who can hire them. For our new filmmakers, we provide a foundation to help set them on the right path to a fruitful career.

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