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One of BMC’s missions is to help underrepresented filmmakers get hired. For our advanced fellows, we help open doors to those who can hire them. For our new filmmakers, we provide a foundation to help set them on the right path to a fruitful career.

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Member Spotlight


Creating a Film Festival and Film Community

By Nick Hellyer

Art is collaboration is art is collaboration is art…

Got it?

That’s what I’ve learned over these past two, wearisome years…

Crowdfunding – A Case Study

by Leah Cevoli

Unless today is your first day on the internet, you’ve probably come across a few crowdfunding campaigns, perhaps you’ve pledged to one, or maybe you’ve even participated in or run one yourself. Either way, I don’t think I need to remind you that it’s hard work, and yet I’m about to. See, I’ve managed somewhere around 75 successful campaigns and coached and consulted on hundreds more and I can pretty much spot a winner right off the bat…

Congrats First Frame Fellow Sofia Ayerdi!

In their 60th year, SIGMA Cine will honor the legacy of SIGMA founder Michihiro Yamaki and the passing of the baton to his son and current CEO, Kazuto Yamaki, by giving away $60,000 in scholarships to aspiring young artists. We are so proud of Sofia for being one of the few selected!

Some happy moments from past events.

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