The Blackmagic Collective Breakthrough Initiative was created to champion future BIPOC TV Writers and Directors poised for their first episodic credits. The program is designed to provide participants with opportunities that will put them on track to be staffed on a TV series or hired to direct their first TV episode.

Benefits of the Breakthrough Initiative program include:

Having your materials fully vetted and ready (scripts/resumes/bios/reels and digital footprint)

Monthly meetings with industry experts

Develop a shortlist of shows you aspire to work on or feel would best suit your skills

Identify allies you plan to contact outside of the program 

Applications Are Closed For 2021

Please keep an eye out for other initiatives coming later this year!



Note that Blackmagic Collective members who apply for any Initiatives will be considered first and you must be a member if selected. Membership is free. Click below to join!


Writers: TWO completed scripts (min. half hour length). ONE must be an original pilot.

Directors: a completed feature film or a number of commercials, web series and/or short films that were selected to be aired publicly by an established film festival or distribution company.

Blackmagic Collective is committed to representation and inclusivity, and, as there is no shortage of talented writers and directors of all backgrounds, selections will be made based on the qualifications outlined in this application.


  1. PARTICIPATION – selectees commit to attending a minimum of 80% of meetings/events for the program. BMC staff may review selectees’ participation to determine whether selectees can advance in the program if an issue arises. Exceptions to attendance rules can be made for TV/film work, but you must make every effort to participate in the program. As we are still experiencing restrictions due to COVID-19, we are unable to determine what and when in-person offerings, outings, and meetings will be held. L.A. based filmmakers are preferred. If you are applying from outside the L.A. area and are selected, BMC is not responsible for any travel to in-person events. If you choose to apply, you do so with the understanding that you may not be able to attend these events. 


  1. ETIQUETTE – Respect your fellow selectees, BMC staff, and all guests of the program by being on time, being prepared, staying on topic with questions and shares, and participating in (but not dominating) sessions. We will review basic Zoom and meeting etiquette early on as well. 


  1. MENTORS & SPEAKERSall selectees are responsible for the success of this program. Each person is expected to help locate potential mentors and speakers, and make contact with them on behalf of the program. BMC staff will also be making connections for you, but this is not a program you merely attend – the opportunity is what you make of it. 


  1. AMBASSADORSHIP – If selected, we encourage you to share your involvement and what you are learning and all positive outcomes through social media, networking and your industry connections. Be an ambassador for yourself and the program.


  1. 1ST MEETING– During the beginning of March (date tbd), you MUST attend the first program meeting. In this meeting, you will meet other selectees, hear from the BMC staff, learn more about the goals of the program, and assemble your profiles that will be shared with upcoming guests and mentors. It is a good idea to get started on those now!  (see #5 below)


  1. PEER REVIEW – Though your profiles and branding may change due to the fluid nature of the program, you will also be partnered with other selectees for peer review and mentorship during the 1st meeting. These reviews will help prepare you for incoming speakers and expert reviews, and will consider the following:
    • Personal brand and qualifying statement + bio 
    • Links to reels and short samples or writing samples (SPECS or pilots)
    • Pitch – your personal pitch
    • OPTIONAL: any directing project in development, website or other visual materials (i.e. pitch deck), or your BEST writing sample (*this is only applicable if you are a writer/director and expect to direct the sample you have) or any projects written by YOU that may be in formal development.
  1. END GOALS – By the end of the program, we want you to be on track to be staffed on a TV series or hired to direct your first TV episode. 

This program is meant to help you develop a road map, but you have to take action to get yourself there.


  1. PROTOCOL REGARDING GUESTS/MENTORS – Selectees may not contact guests/mentors without their express permission. BMC will act as a liaison to all guests in terms of contacting them on your behalf. Should guests consent to release contact information to program participants directly, we will forward that information to you. All contact information released is for you only and is not to be shared with anyone outside the program. Your actions are a reflection of this program and of BMC as a whole, so please act professionally in any correspondence. Under no circumstances will you ask to shadow or ask for work of any kind from the contacts introduced to you by BMC. The program is designed to help you build and nurture relationships. If you have any concerns or questions, please ask.