The Fellows

Benjamin Shalom-Rodriguez
Cindy Chu
Jeannette Godoy
Jerell Rosales
Jules Arita Koostachin
Lisa Bunbury & Laura Bunbury
Soma Helmi

“Being part of Blackmagic Collective’s Breakthrough Initiative has given us the opportunity to meet showrunners and execs who’ve provided valuable insights into the state of the industry, as well as advice on how to get our first episodes. Champions have also been open to meeting us individually and maintaining an open line of communication even after our group meetings, and it’s been great to have that sort of connection. I’m also just really proud to be part of such a talented group and appreciate how we support each other in navigating pitches, development deals, and staying positive as we all work hard toward our goals.” – Kelechi Urama, Writer

“The focus on making sure your materials are sharp and ready to be seen is KEY. In the Breakthrough Initiative Program, the fellows are prepared to level up and be HIRED.” – Lisa & Laura Bunbury, Writers/Producers

“Game changer. I met more decision-makers in one year with BMC BI than five years networking in LA. I found my people and my support system.” – Jerell Rosales, Writer/Director

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