Emerging Filmmakers

The Emerging Filmmakers Initiative is for filmmakers who have the skillset to start getting paid to direct, but are not quite ready for studio work. The filmmakers will spend the year getting help putting their materials together from reels to bios and they will learn how to put themselves out there to get work to start getting paid to direct.

Future Women of Television Initiative

Future Women of Television Initiative is a year long accelerator that helps introduce female-identifying and non-binary directors to those in hiring positions in the studio system. The goal is not only to help them prepare for success when it’s time to direct their first TV episode, but to set the stage to be hired by those they meet during the program.

Next Level: Feature Directors

Next Level: Feature Directors is designed to elevate and polish undiscovered and underrepresented female-identifying storytellers, poised for the next stage in feature directing. In 2021, a select and professionally recommended roster of women-identifying directors – each with a strong body of work, distinctive style, and voice, will form the year-long initiative. Selectees will learn from industry advisers, enhance their creative brand, and connect with partners and champions to prepare themselves and their work as anticipated faces of tomorrow.

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