The Blackmagic Collective is excited to bring you three new programs and one returning success! Over the course of 2020, our Future Women of TV had a very successful year meeting with over 50 executives, as well as, working TV writers and directors. Some of the women booked management, others got invited to one on one meetings, and a few even booked their first episode of television!

In light of all the world events and a desire to build a pipeline of writers and directors that reflects the world today, Blackmagic Collective created the Breakthrough Initiative, All Access: Disabled Filmmakers on the Move, and the Future Directors of Studio Features programs.

The Breakthrough Initiative

The Breakthrough Initiative is a thoughtfully curated group of BIPOC, each with a strong body of work, highly recommended by industry professionals, poised for their first episodic credits. The BI program is designed to champion those efforts and elevate the talented group of creatives to the next level. These are the undiscovered, future TV writers and directors. The program is open to men and women.

Future Directors of Studio Features

Future Directors of Studio Features is designed to elevate and polish undiscovered and underrepresented female-identifying storytellers, poised for the next stage in feature directing. In 2021, a select and professionally recommended roster of women-identifying directors – each with a strong body of work, distinctive style, and voice, will form the year-long initiative. Selectees will learn from industry advisers, enhance their creative brand, and connect with partners and champions to prepare themselves and their work as anticipated faces of tomorrow.

All Access: Disabled Filmmakers On The Move

All Access: Disabled Filmmakers On The Move is an initiative that helps to not only spotlight disabled filmmakers, but to connect them with the people who can hire them. Filmmakers who have the goal to work for studios in film and/or TV will meet with and learn from hiring executives and those working in high level positions within the studio system. The goal is to not only help the filmmakers who apply move to the next level of their careers, but to help break any stigmas executives may have about hiring disabled filmmakers. The program is open to all men and women, in all disciplines of film and TV, who can show their skills via previous work produced and have established enough credits to show their passion and knowledge in their chosen field.

Applications are closed for this year.