FYFI provides the tools, education, professional and emotional support, and group accountability to empower fellows to complete their features from inception through final delivery, and eliminate the “first feature completed” barrier to entry in the episodic space. FYFI empowers fellows to take control of their careers and level up by creating a fellowship driven, lower stakes, safe, fun and risk-encouraging environment of filmmakers focused on improving their craft, leaning into its challenges, and helping one another rise together. 



To ensure all fellows complete their features within 12 months of the program; our intent is that all fellows are on their sets, filming, within 6 months, then complete filming within 3 months, and post production within 3-6 months after that. 

Meet the 2021-2022 Film Your Feature Initiative Fellows

Benjamin-Shalom Rodriguez

Erin Li

Jeannette Godoy

Natalie Simpkins

Sergio Monserrate

Soma Helmi