We love hearing from experts in various fields of filmmaking because it makes us better at our craft. But what we all need these days is practical advice on how to super charge our careers into the true creative outlet we’ve always strived for, while making a living doing it. The Blackmagic Collective Filmmaker Series is designed to provide down to earth guidance for filmmakers of all backgrounds and experience. Professionals will join us each month to share their expertise to help you expand your creative talents, level up your resources for income, and deep dive into the craft of filmmaking. Over the coming months, via Zoom Webinars, we’ll host true experts in independent filmmaking and production, who can not only outline how to approach each segment of the business, but also with ample time allowed for you to ask questions and get real answers. 

Join us for this insightful and useful guide to expanding your current filmmaking business.

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Chapter Six: You've Finished Your Movie! Now What?

Thursday, October 8th @ 1:00PM

You’ve developed a great project, found funding, cast it well, filmed your masterpiece and have made it through post-production! Congrats, that is a feat in itself, but the work doesn’t stop here. It’s time for the world to see your film!

In this month’s final Filmmaker Series installment, we’ll break down the challenges of modern distribution in the indie market, and discuss how best to get your film seen. This will not be the typical ‘trust a distributor’ conversation. We’ll learn from experts about the good and bad of festivals, self-distribution, or finding someone to champion your film with you. Plan early and you’ll be ready for what comes next, and make the most out of all your hard work getting your project made.

Our Panelists

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Liz Manashil


Glen Reynolds


Jenn Page


Chapter Five: Everything Actors

Thursday, September 10th @ 1:00PM

Actors, as we know, play a critical role in your production. But there’s a lot more to finding good actors than just looking at headshots. In this month’s Filmmaker Series panel we will breakdown, and hopefully demystify the process of casting, from recognizing good talent, attaching actors to help sell your film and even working with them on set.

This is a great panel if you need to know how to make your project even better by having the best, and the right cast!


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Rachel Feldman


Kendra Castleberry

Creative Director

Will Raee

Independent Filmmaker

Jenn Page


Chapter Four: Prepping For Set

Thursday, August 6th @ 1:00PM

So far in our Filmmaker Series we’ve set up our company, figured out how to pitch our projects and found out what makes a good screenplay. But the day will come when you need to put your crew together and shoot the film. But where do you start?

Prepping your film properly and thoroughly can save you thousands of dollars, and days of headaches down the road. In this one-on-one live Q&A with director Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight, Miss Bala) you’ll  learn how to breakdown your script, the difference between mood boards and a pitch deck, how to share a clear vision with all of your department heads, know what scenes need a tech run through before shoot day, make the most of your budget, how to keep your team motivated from beginning to end, and more.

Plus, she’ll answer all of your burning questions about all things prep to help you get ahead of the game.

Our Special Guest & Moderator

Catherine Hardwicke


Jenn Page


Chapter Three: Everything Screenplays & What Makes One Great

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Thursday, July 9th @ 1:00PM

“The script is the most important aspect of the project.” There’s a reason we hear that ad nauseum. The failures of feature projects to even obtain distribution much less box office success often lies in the production team starting with a script that isn’t ready or just plain isn’t good.

We know we must start with a good script, but do we know what makes a good script? Marketability? The Characters? The Story? And should we write it ourselves or find one? And where do we find one?

Hear from film and TV writers and producers on which of their projects succeeded or failed and why they believe that to be the case. They will also give tips and tricks on how to tap into your network to option a great project, as well as thoughts on how to know if your idea is worth the time to write it yourself. Whether a director or producer looking for your next project or a writer looking for inspiration, this is a panel for you!


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Anna Levine

Senior Manager of Curation – Dust

Jeffrey Reddick


Camille Tucker


Pick of the Week!

This month’s featured festival entry.

Chapter Two: Pitching Your Project

Thursday, June 4th @ 1:00PM

The Art of the Pitch. One of the most elusive parts of getting your movie made is figuring out how to get it funded.  Whether you are trying to raise 10 thousand or 10 million the art of the pitch is the same. Learn from producers who have raised millions of dollars for films. Get the real scoop on how they meet investors, what they believe it takes to get investors to say yes, and what tools you should have ready at the get go.

This panel is less about how to raise money and more about learning how you and your style fit in to the art of the pitch.

Our Panelists

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Kelci Parker

Director of Talent & Development
Comedy Central

Joey Tuccio

Roadmap Writers

Adam Horner


Justin Jones


Chapter One: Forming a Production Company

Thursday, May 7th @ 1:00PM

Whether you are thinking of starting a production company to make your films or to bring in a steady flow of music or commercial clients this event is for you. Learn from those who have created successful indie companies from the ground up.  Our panelists include producers from the film and music worlds; as well as a tax specialist who can answer all your questions about which corporation entity is right for you and give insight on how the new AB5 law will effect all of us.

Now is the time to get your plan in action so when we are back in the world you are ready to rock!

Our Panelists

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Jhennifer Webberley

Tax Specialist/Producer

Chris Edgar


Mariah Owen


Bailey Kobe