Here are some of the benefits...


Education Saturdays, available throughout the year, offer members FREE classes in film education, from Camera courses through DaVinci Resolve training. Work with some of the latest tools from a wide range of manufacturers, and advance your filmmaking skills!


Blackmagic Collective events are a festive and informative gathering of like minded artists. Guests in the past have included Rob Legato, Erin Cardillo, David Sandberg and Roy Wagner ASC, all sharing their knowledge of film with you in an intimate venue.


What’s more important than knowledge in the entertainment industry? Connections. The Collective brings together like minded artists who can collaborate, inspire and support you (and you them) for a lifetime. Networking is key in the industry. Don’t miss out!

Career Advancement Initiatives

Be the first to know, and get priority consideration, for all of our BMC initiatives created to help get you working! Our fellows have met with over a hundred showrunners, executives, and more, created lifelong bonds with one another, and some have even booked their first episode of television!
Los Angeles, NYC, North Carolina, New England, Austin or Atlanta!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Blackmagic Collective is a 501 (c) non-profit that offers unique opportunities to grow your brand and build meaningful connections in the filmmaking community. From sponsorship to volunteering, there are many ways you can help make a difference.