Founded with the belief that the art of filmmaking should be accessible to all, the Blackmagic Collective is designed to bring together filmmakers from all disciplines and all experience levels to learn from, share with, and inspire each other. Whether a professional looking to grow your connections, or new to the craft hoping to learn from the pros, the Blackmagic Collective strives to provide all members the opportunity to grow creatively.

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A Recap Of Our May 18, 2019!

The Basics of Color in DaVinci Resolve

A full class came to learn the basics of Color in DaVinci Resolve, taught by certified instructor Klark Jay Perez. Students learned how to understand nodes, how to apply secondary color corrections, using DaVinci Resolve FX, tracking power windows and much more!



The cocktail party was a great opportunity for everybody to mingle, meet new friends and refresh old acquaintances. The food was amazing, with plenty of delicious cookies, and lots of wonderful drinks, including the infamous “Mise en Scene!”

The main program began at 7:00pm

The Evening Theme - Music Video Production & Post

We’ve noticed that we seem to have a theme for each evening event, so we decided to embrace that, and let you know in advance. This month we are focusing on music video production, with our guests representing a unique perspective in the music world. If you’re interested in this type of production, curious how to do it, or just love all types of filmmaking, this will be a fun evening for you!
Event hosted by

Jenn Page

Jenn Page is an accomplished feature and series director who was selected by Take The Lead as one of the “50 Women who Can Change The World in Media & Entertainment.” She’s filmed projects for/with internationally known brands and artists including Marvel’s Agents of Shield, The Voice, The Mindy Project, Blackmagic Design, Panic at the Disco, Weezer, Billy Ray Cyrus, Wolfmother, Estee Lauder, and Hans Zimmer. Her work includes the award-winning comedy musical feature film “Waiting in the Wings” starring Lee Meriwether and Shirley Jones, the award-winning musical comedy series “My Two Black Girlfriends,” the award-winning dramatic rock opera “The Breakout,” and the International Academy of Web Television’s live awards show hosted by Tony award winner Roger Bart.  Most recently, she completed “Playing with Beethoven,” a feature film starring Kadeem Hardison and Shannon Elizabeth.

See Jenn’s Website:

Making Music Videos, And Having Fun Doing It

Sometimes a team of filmmakers join forces, and together they not only create amazing work but also realize how much fun they have doing it together. Director Brandon Dermer, cinematographer Wojciech Kielar and colorist Ryan McNeal join forces on some of the industry’s coolest music videos, from Panic! At The Disco to Fall Out Boy and the new rock super group Damned Things. Join us for a panel of these three artists, and hear how they do it, how they stay creative, and everything in between.

Director Santiago Salviche

Born in Malaga, Spain. Santiago Salviche is extremely passionate and driven by organic stories, he has worked in commercial, music & narrative for the last 10 years always pushing the boundaries of technology and organic narrative. Spending a decade in the commercial and music environment he developed a keen eye for beauty, purpose and emotion, as well as having worked with Jennifer Lopez (El Anillo), fellow Spaniard Miguel Angel Silvestre (Sense 8) among others, and creating a style that is unique, commercial and personal.

Santiago has directed some of the most stylish and creative videos in recent years, and continues to push the boundaries of music video production. Come enjoy an up close interview with Santiago as he discusses his journey through art and music, and where his future lies in documentary and narrative filmmaking.

Blackmagic Collective Film Fest

We’ve received quite a number of submissions for the first month of the Film Fest. Come see some of the top entries that will compete for the big prizes in November! Winning entries “Broken Heart“, “Between Awake and Living,” and “Hello, Mexico” screened to an excited audience.

Want to see the films? Go to our Film Fest page above and watch this month’s winners.

And don’t miss out yourself! Each month we accept three films from that month’s submissions, so get your films in early to have a chance for the festival. Click HERE to learn more.

Presentations and guests may change without notice.