Founded with the belief that the art of filmmaking should be accessible to all, the Blackmagic Collective is designed to bring together filmmakers from all disciplines and all experience levels to learn from, share with, and inspire each other. Whether a professional looking to grow your connections, or new to the craft hoping to learn from the pros, the Blackmagic Collective strives to provide all members the opportunity to grow creatively.

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What Happened at Our September 21st Event!



Many low budget filmmakers feel Production Design is one of those things they can do themselves, or simply can’t afford. But making your project really shine depends heavily on all aspects of production design, from wardrobe and props to how you dress your practical location. There are ways to achieve a unique look for your project without spending a ton of money. At our September event we discussed the process, the tools you can utilize, and how the world of Production Design is key to telling your story. 


Doors opened at 5:30pm and a busy and energetic crowd enjoyed tasty food and free drinks, including our signature Mise en Scene (pictured here)! The cocktail party is always a great time to mingle with fellow filmmakers and visit vendors, including and Filmmakers Alliance, who were available to talk about their organizations. Blackmagic Design also had a Pocket Cinema Camera 6K and 4K, outfitted with Wooden Camera’s cages!

The main program began at 7:00pm

Missed it? Go HERE to watch it!

Panel: Design on a Budget

We had a lively discussion about the value of production design at any budget level, as well as many practical tips and tricks. Make sure to watch the stream under Live/Past Events above so you don’t miss out on some great information!

Kate Rees
Nikki Flemming
Jason Satterlund

Keynote Presentation: The team behind The Hour After Westerly

Davis Harwell is a meticulous man whose life has grown comfortably dull. But when he nods off at the wheel and wakes up a full hour later with no memory of what happened to him, he is presented with a tantalizing mystery. Why does he have visions of a lighthouse, a row of cottages, and a beautiful woman he’s never met before? Davis sets out to find the answer, but what he discovers is far more disturbing than he bargains for.

We had a great talk with co-director Andy Morehouse, art director Joelle Cary and cinematographer William Hellmuth as they discussed how they pulled off a great short, including finding name actors! They revealed many a trick to make their money go farther, and how to be tenacious about getting good talent. William also discussed the value of focusing on story, not great shots, when you have to choose (due to weather or location). We saw clips of the film and a trailer, so make sure to watch the stream to see more!

Blackmagic Collective Film Fest

We screened the final three films accepted into the festival.

Make sure to check them out HERE!

Presentations and guests may change without notice.

Event hosted by

Paul Vaillancourt

Paul Vaillancourt is a writer, actor, director, producer and most of all improvisor who has been teaching and performing improv across the country for more than 25 years. He is a graduate of the Comedy Sportz Training Program in Virginia, the Second City Training Center in Chicago as well as the legendary iO in Chicago where he had the rare opportunity to study under the legendary Del Close. After his group, Bitter Noah, was selected to perform their signature piece, the Improvised Movie, at the US Comedy Arts festival, Paul moved to Los Angeles and founded the iO West.

During his time in Hollywood Paul has become a sought after improv coach, producer, writer and consultant working with many TV networks including Fox, MTV, VH1, Oxygen, History and Bravo to name a few. Recently, he also authored “The Triangle of the Scene: a simple, practical, powerful method for approaching improvisation” available on iBooks and Amazon Kindle. He is also the creator and host of Improv Tips on his YouTube channel PVImprov. Currently Paul is performing Man vs. Movie (the world’s only one-man improvised movie).

Connect with Paul on social media @whatsupwithpv